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What’s A Muslin Cloth And How Do You Use It?

Until you’re pregnant or a new mum, you may not have heard of this mysterious thing called a muslin cloth before. Now that you’re here, you’re probably wondering what a muslin cloth is for and what to do with it. The good news is, it has multiple uses and is one of those baby items you can never have enough of, so make sure you’ve got plenty! Here’s just a few uses to get you started. The rest is up to you!


If your muslin cloth is big enough, you can swaddle your baby in it. Babies loves being wrapped up snugly (not tight!) as it reminds them of the safety of the womb. There’s a handy ‘how-to’ on the ‘care/instructions’ tab on our swaddle page.


 When you wind your baby, you usually have them up on your shoulder, right? And we all know what comes with wind? Yes, the ‘spit-up’! If you don’t want it all down your shoulder and back, drape a muslin over your shoulder to save your clothes.


Whether you choose breast or bottle, a muslin cloth is a feeding must-have! Use it to catch spills, mop-up excess milk and provide discreet cover if you are nursing while out and about.


Our ClevaMama Muslin Cloths are made from soft sustainable bamboo, making them ideal for cleaning baby’s soft skin. From newborn, all the way to wiping messy toddler mouths!


We know that most baby wipes aren’t as eco-friendly as we’d like. They are an added expense too. Instead of buying wipes, keep a couple of pre-dampened cloths in a waterproof bag in your changing bag. This will make clean-ups easier and the cloths can be washed and used again and again. Not only will this make a huge saving over time, it will also help to save the planet.

The ideal baby gift

As muslin cloths are so versatile, you can get through several a day, so new ones are always welcomed. With so many pretty patterns and colours available, they make an ideal, budget-friendly baby gift. And if you choose ClevaMama’s Bamboo Muslin Cloths, you’re shopping sustainably too. What’s not to like?

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