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What is a babymoon?

If you are expecting your first child, you have probably heard the term ‘babymoon’ being mentioned. But what is a babymoon? For first time parents-to-be, this is a final holiday or short break together before you become a family. So when should you take a babymoon, and where should you go? We’ve got some great babymoon tips to inspire you.

When to take a babymoon?

Being pregnant, you want to be able enjoy your babymoon to the full, so it’s best to go some time during your second trimester. Ideally between 14 and 28 weeks. That way, you will be over the early queasiness but not too heavily pregnant that you will be too uncomfortable to travel.

How long is a babymoon?

This generally depends on your budget and amount of time off. A babymoon can be anywhere from an overnight escape to a 2-week holiday. But most couples will usually take 3-4 nights. It’s entirely up to you!

Home or away?

Really, this depends on what you enjoy most. There are lots of lovely hotels dotted around the country where you can enjoy a staycation break. This also means you’re not shelling out on plane fares. If you’re on a budget, check for groupon deals on hotel breaks. There are plenty of bargains to be had if you look around.

Staycation babymoons

There are some beautiful hotels dotted around the country where you can enjoy a leisurely break. Think of exploring a part of the country you might never have been to, or haven’t visited in a long time. Enjoy cosy evenings by the fire, bracing (gentle) walks through forests or along the coast, and delicious local food. All within a short(ish) drive or train journey from your home town.

Babymoons abroad

Alternatively, you can snap up a cheap flight and head away for an exciting city break, or a few days soaking up the sun. Bear in mind that some airlines won’t let you travel beyond a certain date of your pregnancy so be sure to look into this beforehand. Make sure you have a few phrases of the local language saved to your phone, just in case you might need medical assistance while away. Avoid anywhere with extreme temperatures, take care with local food, and drink bottled water.  

Enjoying your babymoon

Wherever you decide to go, make sure you enjoy it to the full, as this may be your last ‘child free’ break for a while. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that. The rest is up to you!

  • Enjoy uninterrupted sleep. (Don’t forget your maternity pillow).
  • Take some long naps!
  • Go swimming in the hotel pool or sea and enjoy being weightless with your baby bump.
  • Read a novel.
  • Have a spa treatment or couples’ massage.
  • Do some sightseeing.
  • Enjoy each other’s uninterrupted company.

Above all, a babymoon is about relaxation for you both before embarking on your new role as parents. Once baby arrives, life gets busy, so take this last opportunity to spend time as a couple while you can.

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