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Travelling abroad with your baby or toddler

Everybody loves holidays, and travelling abroad is always exciting. But If you are travelling with your little one, it can make the journey more of a challenge. We’ve compiled some top tips for travelling abroad with your baby or toddler to help make the experience a little easier.

Arrive early at the airport

With long wait times to get through airport security, give yourself plenty of time in case there are delays and make sure all your liquids are declared. Yes, you can take breastmilk or formula through. “Medications, baby formula and milk are allowed if essential for use during the trip.” (DAA website) Please note that these rules around liquids are due to change soon so keep an eye on the DAA website for updates.

Quiet time

Babies and toddlers can become easily overstimulated in a busy airport so, once through security and time-permitting, look for somewhere quiet to unwind. Most airports have a baby room where you can feed and change your child. Use this to savour a few moments of calm before pressing on to the gate.

Buggies, car seats & travel cots

If you are bringing your own buggy, we’ve got a great hack for you! Use the tray/basket in the bottom to store items such as cot sheets, baby blankets or your Apron Baby Bath Towel. This extra space can prove invaluable for stretching your baggage limit. Just don’t put anything in there that might get crushed when folded up.

For those travelling through Dublin Airport, The Stork Exchange rents out buggies, travel cots and car seats for your holiday, using many of the most popular brands. Equipment is safety checked and sanitized between hires so you can be confident that everything is clean and safe. If you are hiring a car, an agent will come and fit the car seat for you. The Stork Exchange has bases in Malaga, Palma and Alicante. So you can arrange to pick up your equipment if you are flying into any of these airports. If you are hiring a travel cot, don’t forget your ClevaMama Travel Cot Mattress.

Carry-on bag

Make sure to have everything you need for the flight in your carry-on bag. This should include the following:

Travelling with Toddlers

If you have a toddler in tow, here’s a few more things you will need for the plane:

  • Favourite toy/teddy
  • Tablet (don’t forget the charger!)
  • Headphones
  • Small toys (cars, animal figures, book)
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Books for story time
  • Blanket or comforter for naps

Tip: Most airlines allow parents with small children to board first. However, this isn’t always a good idea, particularly with a toddler who will quickly get bored. It may be a good idea to wait as long as possible before boarding to shorten the wait time before take-off.

At Your Destination

Whether staying in an apartment, hotel or mobile home, it will help if you can keep your child’s sleep routine as normal as possible. The ClevaMama Blackout Blind comes in a handy carry-bag and has suction cups for easy installation. This will keep your little one’s room dark and the heat-reflective lining will help prevent overheating.

Familiar things such as their own pillow, comforter and favourite blanket will help them to feel more at home and this will help them to sleep easier. If you are going somewhere where there is likely to be noise, a sound machine will help to filter out background noise so your little one can sleep.

When out and about, take a supply of muslin cloths with you. These make handy cover-ups to keep away the sun, can be rinsed in water for a nice cooling wipe down, and can even be made into an emergency sun hat!

If your little one is teething, or just needs a cool down, take along a ClevaFeed and fill with delicious chilled fruits.

Bon voyage!

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