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Top Tips To Help Prevent Hip Dysplasia

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Hip Dysplasia is a common, but easily treated condition that affects 1 in every 1000 newborn children each year. It is more prevalent in girls and firstborn babies but can manifest after birth as well. Here’s why.

A baby’s hips are naturally more flexible for a short period after birth. If a baby spends a lot of time tightly wrapped (swaddled) with their legs straight and pressed together, this may affect hip development. ClevaMama make their swaddles and rompers to allow your little one plenty of leg room, while keeping their upper bodies snug and swaddled.

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Babies love the feeling of being cradled securely, and they find swaddling a comfort after birth. ClevaMama’s Swaddle to Sleep Cotton Baby Swaddle Wrap is ideal for helping your little one to sleep soundly.  Made with baby-safe Velcro wraps, it’s fully adjustable, so it won’t get too restrictive as your little one grows.

While the upper half of the wrap swaddles your baby snugly, the lower half leaves room for your baby’s legs to move. This helps to prevent Hip Dysplasia. It also unfastens easily, leaving the upper body wrapped. Handy for night-time nappy changes!

Tip: When swaddling your baby, always place their arms in the ‘hands over heart’ position. This helps them learn to self-soothe.

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ClevaMama’s 3 In 1 Nite Nite Romper grows with your little one. From a snug swaddle up to 3 months, to a cosy sleeping bag up to 6 months, right up to a roomy romper.

Like the swaddle, our 3 In 1 Nite Nite Romper allows snug secure swaddling, leaving room for your little one’s hips and legs. This design has been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being‘hip healthy’ for babies.

Tip: The 3 in 1 Nite Nite Romper is 1.0 Tog rated. Be aware of room temperature and take care not to let your baby overheat.

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Hip Healthy Baby Carrier

Good hip health isn’t just for bedtime. ClevaMama’s Hip Healthy Baby Carrier provides comfort and versatility while allowing you and baby to stay close. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has acknowledged it as the ideal carrier for “hip health” and spinal development in every carrying position. This helps to promote the perfect “M” seating position.

The Hip Healthy Baby Carrier was awarded silver in the ‘Best Baby Carrier’ Maternity and Infant Awards in 2017. It’s popular with parents who enjoy babywearing or who want to be able to get around easily while keeping baby close. Equipped with adjustable padded straps, lumbar support and handy pockets, it’s the ideal ‘buggy free’ accessory for getting out and about. Suitable from infancy right through to the toddler years.

Tip: Your child must be able to hold their head upright to be carried in a front forward, backpack and hip carrier.

If your child is diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia, they may need to wear a brace for a few months. While this may look uncomfortable, most babies adapt quickly. The brace will help to realign their hips perfectly before they start to walk. If you have any questions or concerns about Hip Dysplasia, make sure to talk to your Doctor or Public Health Nurse.

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