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Ten Ways To Use Your ClevaCushion

ClevaCushion Nursing Pillow
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If there’s one thing people love, it’s finding baby products that have multiple uses. It feels like really getting your money’s worth, doesn’t it? Here at ClevaMama, our ClevaCushion™ Nursing Pillow & Baby Nest is designed to be used from bump to baby and beyond. It’s got an incredible 10 different uses! Discover them all here.

Ten ways to use your ClevaCushion™ Nursing Pillow & Baby Nest

Pregnancy Pillow

The curved shape of the ClevaCushion™ Nursing Pillow & Baby Nest offers crucial back support for Mums-to-be.  Particularly in late pregnancy when it’s needed most.

Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow

When your little one arrives, the ClevaCushion™ becomes a nursing pillow to support your baby while feeding. It’s got a useful strap, which fastens around your waist. This stops the cushion slipping off your lap and helps you to keep baby comfortable, safe and close.

Support Pillow

It’s important to take care of yourself after birth, so use the ClevaCushion™ as a comfy backrest whenever you want to grab some relaxation time. You deserve it!

ClevaCushion Baby Nest

Baby Nest Seat

As baby grows and becomes curious about the world around them, they want to sit up and see everything. To help with this, the ClevaCushion™ can transform from a nursing pillow to a secure baby seat.  Just add in the seat cushion insert and strap your little one in safely. The curved shape of the cushion will cradle your little one in a raised position so they can look around. That’s good for helping with reflux too!

To make the ClevaCushion™ even more versatile, it’s been designed with a removable seat cushion insert. This soft seat cushion can support your baby’s head and body in various ways: 

ClevaCushion High Chair

Add to baby’s highchair to keep them supported and safe during weaning and mealtimes.

In their stroller, buggy or pram when out and about.

ClevaCushion car seat

The insert can also be used as an extra support in their car seat.

Make playtime more comfortable by placing in baby’s bouncer.

Clevacushion tummy time

Tummy Time Support

When it comes to tummy time, the ClevaCushion™ can be used to raise up your little one’s upper body so they can easily see and interact with you. Loops are provided on the ClevaCushion™ so you can attach their favourite toys to play with. This will encourage them to enjoy tummy time for longer.

Portable Booster Seat

When your baby is learning to sit up, the ClevaCushion™ offers support and helps them to learn to balance. The sides and back of the cushion prevents them falling over, keeping your baby safe until they become more stable.

The ClevaCushion™ Nursing Pillow & Baby Nest is not only incredibly versatile with uses from bump to baby, it’s eco-friendly too. Made using ClevaFoam® cut-offs which reduce waste, it comes with a reusable carrier bag for travelling and storage. Find out more about the ClevaCushion™ here

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