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Summer Sleep Tips

Summer is all about longer, brighter, warmer days. But if you have a baby or toddler, it can also mean your little one could have difficulty getting to sleep, napping, or is waking too early. So, what can you do to help your child sleep for longer? Read on for our summer sleep tips!

Keep the room dark

The earlier summer sunrises and later sunsets influence your baby’s circadian rhythm. This means that once it’s light, your child will naturally awaken. It’s also harder for them to get to sleep if their room is still bright. Invest in a blackout blind which will keep the room nice and dark. This is also ideal for those much-needed naps during the day.

Keep your baby cool

Heat is another factor which can cause your little one to wake in Summer. Look for a mattress with heat regulating properties such as the ClevaMama range of ClevaFoam mattresses. The unique 3D open cell structure has significantly reduced heat retention. This helps to regulate your baby’s temperature so they can sleep peacefully for longer. ClevaFoam Pillows will also help toddlers and older children stay cool and sleep better.

Choose cotton

Cotton bedding is best in summer for helping everyone stay cool. Choose cotton sheets and pillowcases and the lightest 1 TOG cotton swaddles and rompers for your little one.

Keep the room quiet

It’s good in summer to open the windows and let fresh air circulate through your home. However, open windows also mean noise from traffic, street noise and outside voices which can disturb your little one. A white noise sound machine can help to filter out these noises which might startle your baby awake.

Keep to the bedtime routine

It can be tempting to let the bedtime routine slide in Summer, particularly if you are on holiday. But when a child’s routine is changed, it can cause confusion and irritability. If you can, keep some elements of that bedtime routine in place.  Whether it’s a bath, a bedtime story or a pre-sleep snuggle. This routine will stimulate sleep cues and will help them to wind down for the night.

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