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Staycation Essentials: Family Holidays With Babies And Children

As the pandemic persists, many family holidays are ‘Staycationing’ again this year, so while we might not be able to enjoy continental weather, it does mean we’re free to pack up the car with all the essentials your little ones might need.

Here’s our top 10 ‘must-haves’ to take on your Staycation.

Travel cot

With accommodation at a premium this year, your hotel/apartment may only have a limited amount of travel cots, so if you have one, bring it along. (Or see if you can borrow one) Most travel cots pack very small and can set up quickly. Ideal for tired little ones at the end of a long journey.

Travel cot mattress

What would a travel cot be without a good travel cot mattress? Bringing your own is probably more hygienic than relying on your accommodation to supply one and will give you peace of mind. Plus, it will have the familiar scents of home on it which will help your baby to settle.


For toddlers and older children, bringing their own pillow is a great way to help them settle into their holiday home or hotel room. Most hotel pillows can be bulky and may not be comfortable. They’re also handy to have in the car for travel naps.

Mattress protectors

Useful in case of bed-wetting accidents but also great for car journeys on family holidays! If you have a child who is prone to travel sickness, put one of these mattress protectors on the car seat before you go. It’s much easier to wash one of these than it is to get your car valeted should your child throw up mid-journey. Less expense too! It will also soak up any accidental spills from drinks.


Speaking of drinks, it’s a good idea to make sure your little ones stay hydrated on long car journeys so pack some chilled drinks for the journey. If you have a cooler bag, these will stay nice and cool until needed. But be prepared for multiple toilet breaks!


We know that the weather can be unreliable in this part of the world and it wouldn’t be proper family holidays without a rainy day or two. Pack a few board games for some family fun as well as some books and colouring pencils/crayons, just in case.

Electronic devices

While we don’t want to see our kids glued to an electronic device all day, these are good for whiling away a long journey or an hour or two when you need some quiet time. It may also help to cut down on the number of “Are we there yet?” questions.

Sun care

When the sun DOES come out, be sun safe and make sure you all have protection. Sun hats, sunglasses, t-shirts with sleeves and lashings of sun cream. Don’t leave home without it!

Rain wear

As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes.” So even if it’s wet, make sure you’re all kitted out with wellies and raincoats. That way, you can still get out and about, despite the rain. Be sure to pack a rain cover for baby’s buggy to keep them snug and dry.

First aid kit

Accidents will happen, even on the most well-planned of family holidays, so make sure you are prepared with a fully stocked first aid kit. Plasters for grazed knees, cream for insect bites and stings, Calpol for upset tummies are just some essentials you might need. Speak to your local pharmacist for advice for what else you should bring. Even if you don’t use it, it gives great peace of mind to have it handy. Happy holidays!

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