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Preparing for when the clocks go forward

As winter turns into Spring, you may have noticed the mornings starting to get brighter, especially if you have a baby or toddler. At the end of March, the clocks go forward an hour for ‘daylight savings time’. So how will this affect your child and how do you prepare them for the brighter mornings? We’ve got the answers here.  

Wake up times 

If you are on a schedule for getting up and out to work and creche it will mean getting yourself and baby up an hour earlier, which isn’t always easy. To help with the adjustment, try putting your little one to bed and getting them up 10-15 minutes earlier each day over the next few days, which might make the transition easier. 

If you don’t have to get up, you’re on to a winner as you can let them sleep on. When you’re a parent, every extra minute of sleep counts!  

Feeding and activity times 

The change in time can affect some children more than others, so during the day, let yourself be guided by their needs. Feed them when they are hungry and let them nap when they are tired. Generally, they will adjust by themselves over the coming days.  


An earlier get-up time can also mean an earlier bedtime. But for the first few days, try and be flexible if they are not ready for sleep. Keep the usual bath time/bedtime wind-down routine. If you do need to have a more specific routine, adjust it in 10/15-minute intervals over a few days.  


As the days become longer and brighter, your little one may find it harder to doze off for naps and at nighttime if the room is still bright. Invest in a good blackout blind to help block out the light. This will make it easier for them to go to sleep and to stay asleep for longer. Using a nightlight is a strong cue for sleep. Try the ClevaPure Salt Lamp & Humidifier, which emits a melatonin-friendly glow, and puts your baby in the mood for sleep.

Remember – some babies and toddler’s internal clocks are strong, and they may initially resist the changes when the clocks go forward. If this happens, just make sure they still eat and sleep when they need to and they will soon find their routine.  

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