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Moving Your Baby From Crib To Cot

For the first few months of your little one’s life, you will most likely have kept them close to you in the same room. Most babies start off sleeping in a crib, Moses basket or co-sleeper. So, when is the best time to move your little one from crib to cot/cot-bed and how can you make a seamless transition? ClevaMama did a little research and found some tips.

When is the best time?

There is no set time to make the switch from crib to cot/cotbed. For new parents, it’s usually more convenient for them to have baby within easy reach, especially for night feeds. Anywhere from the time when your baby no longer needs night feeds to six months is a good time. Your baby is growing bigger, and a crib/Moses basket mattress will soon be too small.  This is why it’s important to move them into a cot where they will have the support and space they need. If you are still nervous about your baby being in a separate room, a baby monitor will make sure that you hear them if they get restless or wakeful.

Preparing your baby’s room

If you have not already prepared your baby’s nursery, now is the time. The cot will of course be the most important item of furniture but equally important is the cot mattress. ClevaMama carry a range of mattresses to suit every need and preference. Visit our mattress comparison page to help you choose the right one for your baby.

We also stock a range of cosy and comfortable sheets and blankets in a range of colours, along with mattress protectors to prolong the life of the cot mattress. If you decide to introduce a pillow at this stage, our ClevaFoam® range has several sizes available.

Anything that puts your little one at ease is always helpful. Colourful mobiles, a projector that will shine stars or patterns on the ceiling or a light that plays lullaby noises will help to keep your little one entertained until those sleepy little eyes close.

How to make the switch?

A good idea is to get your little one used to the cot before making the switch permanent. You could start by using the cot for daytime naps. If you have a Moses basket, you could place it beside the cot, so they get used to the new surroundings while still in their familiar sleeping place.

Make sure you and your baby spend plenty of time in the room in the days leading up to making the switch. If your baby is familiar with their room, they are less likely to see it as a huge change once you move them into the cot. Have a comforting night light nearby to create a cosy atmosphere and make the décor cute and welcoming. Create positive associations with your baby’s room and their cot as a comfortable and safe place to rest.

The first nights

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t settle straight away. It’s a big change for them and they will need some reassurance. So, if your little one fusses at first, be on hand to comfort them then leave straight after. You may have to do this a few times for several nights before your baby finally settles so be prepared for this. It’s perfectly normal.

If it helps, you could also give your little one a comforter. Some parents sleep with these for a few nights so they will have their scent on them. This can help your baby to relax as they will feel that you are close by. Worth a try!

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