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Moses basket, crib or cot? Choosing a first baby bed.

Planning for a new arrival? Then you will need to buy a first baby bed. While your baby is still very small (0-6 months), experts recommend that your child sleeps in the same room as you. So if you are trying to choose between a Moses basket, bedside crib, or cot, we can help you decide which suits best. 

Moses Basket  

A Moses basket is usually made from natural material like wicker, reeds or cotton rope. Ideal if you prefer sustainable materials. Moses baskets are lightweight, portable and come with sturdy carry handles. These cute baskets have a cotton or knitted lining which can be removed and replaced to accommodate your next baby.  The ClevaMama Naturals Collection Baby Basket is made from natural cotton rope and includes mesh panels to allow for increased airflow and visibility. So you can keep an eye on your little one wherever you are.

Bedside Crib 

The bedside crib is a small baby bed which fits in most bedrooms so you can sleep close to your little one. Some of these cribs are ‘co-sleepers’, which can attach to your bed and have a removable side. These baby beds are suitable up to six months. A bedside crib is useful for night feeds because you can reach your little one without getting out of bed. A ‘must-have’ for women in post-birth recovery.  To help your little one sleep well, choose the ClevaFoam® Support Baby Mattress for Bedside Crib.


If you have enough space, you can start with a cot before moving it into your child’s room later on. This can be a plus as starting your baby in a cot means there will be little adjustment when they move into their own room/nursery. Cots come in a standard size, so buying a suitable mattress is easy. () A cot can be used from birth and will last until your little one is ready for a bed.  Choose a mattress from the ClevaMama Mattress range to ensure the best support and comfort for your baby.

Tip: Your mattress should have no more than a 3cm gap between the mattress and cot side


A cot-bed is larger than a cot and these come with removable sides to convert into a bed as your child grows. This is real value for money as a good sturdy cot-bed can last for several years.  

Buying a mattress 

Whichever baby bed you buy, it’s important that you put just as much thought into choosing a mattress. ClevaMama Mattresses are breathable, hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEK certified. This means they have been tested to the highest safety standards and are suitable for children with asthma and allergies. Most ClevaMama mattresses contain ClevaFoam, developed in conjunction with Trinity College Science Department. This unique foam is scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the back of your baby’s head by 50% and to increase support by 80%. ClevaFoam supports your little one’s rapidly growing body and developing joints and protects the round shape of your baby’s soft head to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly). 

See our full range of ClevaMama mattresses here.  

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