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Introducing your child to their new baby sibling

Are you expecting a second baby? If so, you may be wondering how your first child will react when their little brother or sister arrives. Until now, it’s just been you and your firstborn in a happy little bubble so when a new baby arrives, it can be a big life change for them. Here’s how to introduce your child to their new baby sibling. 

Top tips:

  • Introduce the bump – explain what’s inside ‘Mummy’s tummy’ and what’s going to happen.  
  • Let your child be part of your pregnancy journey – let them touch your bump, talk to it, sing songs. They will be fascinated to see movement and kicks. 
  • Tell your child stories of when they were in ‘Mummy’s tummy’ and how it felt for you. 
  • Get your child to help with choosing clothes/toys for the baby. 
  • On the day of the birth, have someone bring them to the shops to buy a gift for the baby.  
  • Give a gift from the new baby to their older sibling. There are some lovely books on the market about becoming a big brother or sister.  
  • Let your child come to the hospital to meet their new baby sibling – take photos and videos of their first meeting. 
  • At home, let them help get nappies from the changing bag, etc. 
  • Make special (baby free) time for the older child.  

What to expect:

It’s inevitable that sooner or later your child will experience jealousy of the baby. This may manifest in temper tantrums, regression to baby habits, clinginess or attention-seeking behaviour. All this is perfectly normal as your child tries to come to terms with the change in their family dynamic. It can be a confusing and frustrating stage for them, but with plenty of time, reassurance and hugs, your child will adjust.  

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