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How to keep your baby warm in winter

As temperatures fall and energy prices rise, you may be thinking how to keep your baby warm in winter. Worry not, as we have a ‘winter warmer’ guide with some great tips and products to keep your little one snug and cosy.

Don’t overheat

While you want your baby to be warm, it’s important to make sure they’re not overheated, so here’s a couple of tips to start with:

  1. Invest in a room thermometer. This is very helpful and will give you peace of mind. Your little one’s nursery temperature should be between 16-20 degrees Celsius.
  2. Check the TOG rating on your baby’s sleep clothes. Below is a useful guide to TOG ratings and how many layers your baby should wear.


If you have a newborn or very young baby (0-3 months), swaddling not only helps them feel cosy, but also safe and secure. Swaddling mimics the feeling of being in the womb and helps them to sleep more peacefully.

ClevaMama Swaddles have a 1 TOG rating and come with baby safe velcro fastenings. The top part keeps them snug and helps to prevent ‘startle reflex’, while the lower part allows your baby enough room to move naturally, helping to prevent Hip Dysplasia, which is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

3-in-1 Nite Nite Romper/Sleep Bag

As your little one grows, the ClevaMama 3-in-1 Nite Nite Romper & Sleep Bag grows with them!

Suitable from birth to 3 months as a swaddle, you can then transition to a cosy sleep bag by unclicking the poppers to free baby’s arms and allow them to self-soothe.

After 6 months, the sleep bag becomes a romper. You can open the poppers at the bottom to allow your little one to stand and move about. These are great value for money and are available in 1 TOG, and 2.5 TOG for colder nights.  

Out and about

A cosy footmuff is a must-have for keeping your baby warm in Winter. ClevaMama Footmuffs are fleece-lined and have slots to fit 5-point harness straps through which means they are compatible with most buggies, car seats and pushchairs. (Always check straps are compatible before purchase)

For age 0-6 months, our Newborn Footmuff has a waterproof shell, chest opening for easy access, and a pull-tie hood for cooler days.

For older babies and toddlers, the Universal Footmuff is suitable for up to 3 years, making it an excellent investment. Equipped with a bottom opening for muddy boots and shoes, it’s extra long and will keep your child snug and cosy when out and about.

Snuggle up with Sherpa

There’s nothing like snuggling under a fluffy blanket in winter, and this is the fluffiest, most luxurious blanket in our range. The Luxe Sherpa Blanket has cozy cable knit on one side, and plush, high-pile sherpa lining on the other. So, when you wrap your little one in this, they will feel like royalty! Available in pink, blue or grey, it makes an ideal ‘new baby’ gift.

We also have our cute, knitted pom-pom blankets, cosy fleece blankets and more. Check out the full range here.

Food to go

Hot food is always helpful for staving off the winter chill when outside, and there’s no reason why your little one can’t enjoy this too. If you are into the weaning stage, our 8 Hour Baby Food Flask will help to keep your child’s food and liquids warm. Made with hygienic stainless steel and double-wall insulation for maximum temperature retention, it’s ideal for ‘on the go’ feeding.

Layer up

When dressing your baby in winter, layers are better than one heavy item. That way, if they get too warm, it’s easy to remove something without them getting too cold. Don’t forget hats and gloves to keep little ears and fingers warm!

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