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How To Keep Your Baby Safe And Supported

In those crucial first months, it’s so important to keep your baby safe and supported throughout the day. This is where the ClevaMama Head and Body Support comes in. It’s one of those great multi-use products that make the job of parenting that little bit easier. Helping you to enjoy more precious moments with your baby. 

As a newborn, your little one doesn’t yet have the strength or control to hold their head up by themselves, so an extra support can be very helpful. Especially in car seats or buggies where they might slip around. Made with our signature ClevaFoam, the Head and Body Support cradles your baby safely and comfortably, helping them to feel supported and snug.  ClevaFoam has been designed to help to reduce the risk of Plagiocephaly, or Flat Head Syndrome so your little one’s soft head doesn’t become misshapen. (Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland).  

0-3 months 

In the first 3 months, you can use the Head and Body Support in your baby’s car seat, buggy and bouncer. It’s cleverly shaped for traditional 5-point harnesses to fit around so there’s no time-consuming rethreading of straps. Just pop it into your little one’s seat and away you go. This helps to keep your little one upright and supported so they don’t slip sideways or down. It also helps to support their head safely. The padding for the harness straps add extra comfort for your baby and ensures a snug fit.  

3-6 months 

As your baby grows and the time for weaning comes around, you can start to use your little one’s high chair. As these chairs are often quite roomy, it’s easy for baby to slip and slide around so use the Head and Body Support for that extra bit of stability, safety and comfort. You can also use it in a larger buggy/car seat as your little one grows. 

The ClevaFoam Head and Body Support is fully breathable, with reduced heat retention to keep your baby safe and comfortable. It has been independently tested to the highest safety standards and contains zero harmful substances. For more information on ClevaFoam, visit our website

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