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How To Keep Baby’s Room Cool In Summer

With temperatures set to rise in the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to making the most of summer. However, the increased heat and brighter evenings bring their own set of challenges to parents of little ones. So here’s how to keep baby’s room cool in summer. 

Keep it dark 

The most important thing is to keep your little one’s room shielded from the sun so it doesn’t get too warm. This is where a good set of blackout blinds come in. Our ClevaMama Blackout Blinds, with unique light and heat reflective lining offer the perfect safeguard against overheating in your nursery. These blinds fit most standard windows and are equipped with suction cups for quick and easy installation. With a handy carry-bag, you can even take them on holiday for use in your hotel or apartment.  

Cool it with cotton 

Summer is the time to ditch the duvet, fling the fleece bedding and embrace cool cotton. Made from natural fibres, cotton is light, breathable, sustainable and will help your little one stay cool. Choose from the ClevaMama range of cotton pillowcases, sheets and cellular blankets for summer bedding.  

Tog down 

In Summer, your baby will need a lot less clothing at night, so if they are used to swaddles or sleep bags, check the TOG rating and make sure it’s 1.0/1.5 TOG. On warmer nights, they may only need a little vest underneath. The graphic below will help you to decide.

Create a rainforest 

Ok, not literally! But moistening the air in your baby’s room will help to keep them cool. Our ClevaPure Salt Lamp has a reservoir which you can fill with water and this is gently diffused into the air to prevent dryness while emitting a warm glow. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to help your little one off to dreamland and create a fragrant atmosphere. 

We hope these tips help to keep your little one cool all summer long. Remember, you can do this, and we can help! 

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