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How To Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

Every day is a voyage of discovery when you’re a baby. The world is an exciting place with so many new things to do and see. In the first year of life, your baby’s brain undergoes an amazing rate of growth and development. So how can you help your little one make sense of the world around them? Here are a few ways to boost your baby’s brain power. 


A daily routine helps to teach the patterns of the day/night and the passing of time. While it’s too early for them to understand a clock, having a good daily routine will teach your little one to expect certain events to happen at various times of the day. Children feel safe and reassured when they are in a daily routine and this helps with cognitive brain development. 


After all the activity of the day, sleep is the time when your baby’s brain starts to ‘file’ the information it has gathered to help make sense of the world around them. This is what dreams are, so make sure they get plenty of that deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep! 


Songs with plenty of repetition are ideal for teaching your baby. Repetition helps to improve memory and babies love it when they know what to expect. You may become blue in the face singing “The Wheels On The Bus”, but they will adore it.  


Ever play ‘peek a boo’ with your little one? It helps to teach babies that things continue to exist even if you can’t see them. In the first few months, they might find this hard to grasp, but as they get older, watch them cotton on and pull your hands away when you hide behind them. Try covering small items with a cloth or a cup and watch your little genius find them. They’ll be so pleased with themselves! 


It’s never too soon to introduce books. While your baby can’t read, they love the shapes and colours, along with the sound of your voice as you tell the story. Babies listen by learning so make story-time a regular part of your baby’s night-time routine. 


“1, 2, 3…count with me!” Teach numbers by counting the pieces of food onto your little one’s plate. Count how many fingers are on their hands and feet with finger games or count blocks as your child learns to stack and build.  


Babies love to touch things. It’s how they explore the world and get to grips with shapes and textures, learning hard and soft, smooth and rough. That said, babies also love to put things in their mouths so make sure this particular voyage of discovery is always supervised! 


Children love colour, the brighter the better. Teach them the colours of the rainbow by pointing out the red car, the blue sky, the green grass, and anything else that catches their eye. Repetition is key for them to make the connections so do this often.  A colourful Play Arch, baby gym, or mobile is ideal in the earliest months.

Nurturing the senses not only helps to build your baby’s cognitive brain development, but also helps to build a strong lasting bond between you and your child. It’s such a thrill to watch them grow and learn, so enjoy every magical moment. 

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