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How to bathe your baby

Bathing your baby can be a lovely, bonding experience for parent and child. If this is your first baby, or it’s been a while since your last one was little, you may be a tad nervous. Relax; you can do this and we can help with some useful tips and advice on how to bathe your baby.

When to start?

Until your little one’s umbilical stump heals, it’s best to give sponge baths. This can take a week or two, but once baby’s belly button has healed fully, you can give them a proper bath.

How often?

Babies generally only need a bath 2-3 times a week. A daily ‘top and tail’ is enough to keep your little one fresh and clean in between.

What you will need

First and foremost, you will need a baby bath. Our ClevaBath Baby Sink Bath fits easily into most kitchen sinks so there is no heavy lifting or bending for you. Baby is at the right height for you to bathe them easily and safely and once bath time is over, the ClevaBath folds flat for easy storage.

For babies under 1 month, plain water is best for their delicate skin. When they are a little older, you can introduce baby shampoo, etc. Use a soft washcloth to clean your baby in the bath.

You will also need a nice soft towel for after the bath. ClevaMama’s Apron Baby Bath Towel fastens around your neck, leaving your hands free to bathe your baby. It will also protect your clothes from accidental splashes should they decide to have a kick. Once you are finished, it’s easy to lift your little one out and snuggle them up in the towel.

Make sure you have nappies, clothing, etc. to hand for when you are finished and lay these out in advance.

Preparing the bath

Always put in the cold water first, then add the hot water to warm it to the required temperature. (About 36 degrees Celsius is recommended by the HSE). Use your elbow to test the temperature as this is more heat-sensitive than your hands.

How to bathe your baby

Undress your baby and remove their nappy. Wash their face and bottom (always in this order!) then lower them gently into the bath with one hand under their bottom and the other supporting their head and shoulders. Once baby is in the bath, never leave them unattended, even for a second.

The unique shape of the ClevaBath ensures baby is kept supported and upright, but if your little one is very small and new, use one hand under your little one’s head and shoulders to keep them supported, holding their outside arm. With your free hand, you can do the washing.

Use your wet hand to gently wash your baby’s hair, being careful not to get any drips on their face, then wash the rest of their body, paying attention to all the folds and creases in their skin. You can make the experience even more enjoyable by singing and talking to your little one.

After the bath

Once you are finished, lift them out, again with your hand under baby’s bottom and your other hand holding baby’s outer arm and supporting the head and shoulders. Wrap them in a towel and cradle them gently for a little while. This will warm them and help their body to dry.

Dry baby gently, paying attention to the folds of their skin. Use a cotton bud dipped in a little water to clean the ears but never insert it into the ear canal.

Once your baby is fully dry, you can put on their nappy and dress them.

After baby is over a month old, you could do some gentle baby massage with a little baby oil after the drying process. This helps to soothe your little one and is another lovely way to bond with your baby.

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