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How To Make Bath Time Fun…For Everyone

Make bath time fun for everyone with these handy tips and recommendations.

Bath time can be a lovely bonding experience for parents and children. But it can also be hard work. Lifting, carrying, and water, water everywhere! These useful tips, along with some handy items from Clevamama can banish the bath time blues and make it plain sailing for everyone.

To Bath Or Not To Bath?

That is the question! You don’t have to bath your baby or child daily. Especially in the early days. A quick ‘top and tail’ will suffice for freshening up your little one, unless there’s been a particularly messy nappy. (We refer to them as ‘poonami’s’!) 😉

Sink Into It

When it comes to bath time, the Clevabath Baby Sink Bath is an absolute must-have. Its unique design allows you to bath your little one safely in your kitchen sink so there’s no bending over involved. The holes in the bath let the water drain out so there’s no heavy lifting. Then it folds away flat for easy storage making bathing your little one the fun experience it should be. Genius!

Keep It Fun

Make bath time fun for you and your child. Play games, blow bubbles, sing songs and give them some containers for filling and pouring. The Clevamama Bath Mat with Kneeling Cushion ensures that your little one doesn’t slip in the bath, and the cushion saves you from achey knees!

The Big Issue – Hair Washing

One of the things children like least about baths is the hair washing. If you can, give them something to play with to occupy them while you tackle this task. Blowing bubbles is always a good one. While they’re doing that, the Clevarinse Baby Bath Shampoo Rinse Cup will rinse their hair without fear of getting water/suds in their eyes. The soft flexible rim creates a seal that prevents water going the ‘wrong way’. It’s something many of us wish we’d had when our kids were small!

Slippery Customer!

Ever wish you had two pairs of hands when trying to wrangle a wet baby/toddler out of the bath? With some of the older ones, it’s like wrestling an eel! The Clevamama Apron Baby Bath Towels make this easier for you AND keeps your clothes dry. Simply snap it on, bathe your little one, then lift them out and wrap them in cosy comfort. Our towels are made with sustainable materials of cotton and bamboo and have cute character faces your baby will love.

With some cute toys, lots of bubbles, and plenty of post-bath squishes and hugs, you’re sure to banish the bath time blues and enjoy the experience with your little one.

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