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The Dream Solution For Your Growing Child

At ClevaMama, we know how important it is for your growing child to get a good night’s sleep. Because if they sleep well, the chances are you will too. This is why choosing the right pillow matters. With this in mind, we think there’s no better pillow for kids of age 3+ than the ClevaMama Junior Pillow.

Choosing a pillow for your growing child

You might think that a standard pillow will do the job well enough. But look at it this way; You wouldn’t put your child in an adult car seat, so why would you use an adult-sized pillow? These bulky pillows can result in your child’s head and neck being misaligned, causing restlessness and disturbed sleep.

Here are some reasons why we recommend the ClevaMama Junior Pillow

  1. The ClevaMama Junior Pillow is flatter than most bulky standard pillows. This helps to provide the correct alignment for your growing child’s head and neck.
  2. The Junior Pillow offers increased comfort and support in the head/neck area. This encourages deeper, more relaxing sleep for your child.
  3. The ClevaMama Junior Pillow is infused with a calming lavender essence to aid relaxation and to help your child drift off easily.
  4. Hypo-allergenic and toxin-free. This makes it ideal for use by children with asthma and allergies
  5. The Junior pillow has a removable, washable cover for life’s little accidents and the pillow itself can be washed by hand.

Here’s what other parents have to say about the ClevaMama Junior Pillow:

“We have your toddler pillow for our daughter and need to order another one…she loves this pillow so much I don’t want to buy something else!”

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