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Christmas Visiting? Here’s Your Baby Travel Must-Haves

Christmas is a time when people are often on the move, with many travelling great distances to be with family. With Covid-19 still very much part of our lives, many will limit their visits to an overnight stay, while others will visit family for Christmas dinner. If you have a baby, there are plenty of ‘must-have’ items you will need to bring for your little one. To help with this, we’ve looked at what you will need for the most popular Christmas visiting scenarios.

Christmas Dinner at Granny’s

If you’re spending the day with family for Christmas Dinner, you can pack relatively light. As usual, you will need all the changing bag essentials and a change of clothes in case of accidents. But here’s what else you can bring to make life easier:

ClevaFoam Baby Head and Body Support: If your little one is old enough to sit up in a chair/high chair for dinner, this handy support will stop them slipping around and will keep them comfortable while eating. Leaving you free to enjoy your Christmas dinner.

Feeding/Weaning: Your little one may not be old enough to manage the traditional Christmas Dinner, so remember to take your ClevaPortions or Travel Containers with your child’s food ready for when they get hungry. Don’t forget Muslin Cloths for cleaning up messy hands and faces!  If your baby is teething, pack a ClevaFeed for them to chew on.

Footmuffs: Feel like a walk after dinner? Take your baby’s cosy footmuff so they will be nice and snug in their buggy. It will be good for them to have some fresh air as family homes can be overheated, crowded and noisy at Christmas, and good for you too!

The Overnight Stay

If you are staying overnight, you will need to pack a little more, so take the above and include these items too:

ClevaFoam Pods: Your little one will need somewhere cosy to rest and take a break from the festivities. The ClevaFoam Baby Pod and Max Pod are ideal for supervised naps and general resting. Babies get tired being passed from one person to another so let them lay down and have a little space while you keep an eye on them.

Travel Cot Mattress:  For overnight stays, a travel cot is a must-have. Our Travel Cot Mattress, which folds up for easy carrying, will ensure your little sleeps well, no matter where they are.

Comforters: Strange surroundings can unsettle babies, so make sure they have something that feels and smells familiar close to hand. A cute comforter is ideal because it’s small, easy to pack and has all the scents of home on it.

Blankets: As with the comforter, having their own familiar bedding can help them settle when away from home. They can also be used as a swaddle to calm a fractious baby if all the Christmas festivities become too much! If this happens, take your little one to a quiet room, wrap them up and give them a good snuggle.

Heading Home

If you live a long distance from your family, Christmas may traditionally be a time when you will travel to visit them and this often necessitates a longer stay. If you’re flying, you may not be able to bring everything you would like for your baby along with you. But if you are trevelling by car, you can pack everything you need.  Here’s some long-stay must-haves.

Pillows: Children always settle easier when they have their own pillows. So whether you have a baby, toddler, or older child, our ClevaFoam pillows which are fully breathable and hypoallergenic, will ensure a good night’s sleep. (You can even bring your own Adult Pillow!)

Bedding: If you are staying with family, they may be short on bedding or you may just prefer to bring your own. Again, this has the familiarity that children need and will help them to feel like they’re ‘home away from home’.

Mattress protectors: If you have a child who is toilet training, the last thing you want is a wet bed when you’re away from home. We all know that accidents happen, but you will sleep easier if you know the guest bed is protected.  You can also put one of these in the car on the back seat in case of car sickness on long journeys. Better safe than sorry!

ClevaBath: Not everyone has a bath in their home these days. But everyone has a kitchen sink. Our ClevaBath folds flat, meaning it will travel easily and won’t be in the way. Meaning your little one can enjoy a bath while they’re away from home.

ClevaPure Lamp: If you have the luxury of bringing ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ then it might be a good idea to pack your ClevaPure Salt Lamp. It will help create the cosy atmosphere your baby is used to at home, and will help purify and hydrate the air in their room, which helps to soothe dry skin, sore throats and sniffles.

Christmas Visiting Safety tips

As we are currently experiencing a resurgence of the Covid 19 virus, here’s some tips to help you keep safe while visiting:

  • Wear a mask whenever possible, especially if using public transport.
  • Ensure any rooms where people gather are properly ventilated. We know it’s chilly this time of year, but keep a window open if you can and limit numbers.
  • Take fresh air breaks and get outside whenever you are able.
  • Arrange to meet friends outdoors. Wrap up well and take a hot drink to keep warm while you walk.
  • Shop online and avoid crowds as much as possible. If you can’t, wear a mask when out shopping.
  • Christmas is a time for family so if you can, limit social contacts in the couple of weeks beforehand to minimize risk.
  • Keep up the hand-sanitising protocols.

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