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Choosing Colours For Your Baby’s Nursery

Baby Nursery Colours

One of the most delightful and fun things to do during pregnancy is to start decorating your baby’s nursery. It’s the subject of a thousand Pinterest boards with all sorts of cute ideas to choose from. Let’s take a look at choosing colours for your baby’s nursery.

These days, more people are opting for gender neutral shades instead of the classic pink or blue, although these are still popular. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Neutral Territory

Neutral tones like classic cream and beige (in the feature image above) create a calming and harmonious atmosphere, especially when teamed with wood furniture. Add a little colour such as green or earth-tones like burnt orange and terracotta for a natural feel.

Fade To Grey (And Yellow!)

Grey has been growing in popularity in recent years. It’s calming, classic, and can be teamed with many other colours. In 2021, Pantone announced Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow as their Colours of the Year. Just take a look at our Organic Cotton Blankets and Comforters to see how well they work together!

Go Green!

Green is a lovely gender-neutral colour and again, the right shade can have a calming effect. It’s perfect for a nature-themed nursery with natural woods and plant/animal accessories. Try sage-green, for a soft, but stylish look.

Go Green

Perfect Pink

If you know there is a little girl on the way or you just love pink, then absolutely go for it! Pink is playful and pretty. Think bubblegum, pastel and marshmallow shades rather than shocking pink to help you pull it off with style!

Perfect Pink

Into The Blue

One of the most calming colours you can choose for a nursery. Blue works surprisingly well once you choose the right shade. Avoid deep blues as they will seem cold. Think of baby blue, summer skies, tropical seas. Does that inspire you?

Into The Blue

Colours can be emotive, and the difference between a calming and over-stimulating environment is often the intensity of the shade. Go with your gut when choosing, it’s rarely wrong. Most importantly, have fun. It’s all the little loving touches that will make your baby’s nursery a haven of comfort and calm.

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Baby Nursery Colours
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