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7 Tips To Help You Sleep Well

During pregnancy, it’s so important that you sleep well. Your body is doing amazing work growing a new tiny human and this takes a lot of energy. However, your growing bump and pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, leg cramps and general restlessness can sometimes make sleep difficult. Don’t worry though. We’ve got you covered with 7 tips to help you sleep well.

Take regular exercise

Staying active will in turn, help you rest more fully at night but always be sure to check with your doctor to ensure you are doing suitable exercise.

Get some fresh air

A daily walk outdoors helps to oxygenate the blood and and exercise the body to help you sleep well. Plus, it’s a great stress-reliever!

Finish eating early

Eating a heavy meal late in the evening can cause heartburn and this is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. No fun when you’re trying to sleep! Try to finish eating early and if needed, enjoy a milky drink before bed to help you drift off. It will help to stave off the heartburn too.

Shut down devices

Blue light radiation from phones, pc’s and laptops can overstimulate the brain, leaving you wide awake at all hours. Set an alarm on your phone to shut your devices down a couple of hours before bed and watch TV or read a book instead.

Feather your nest

Think of your room, particularly your bed, as your ‘nest’ and feather it accordingly. Heavy curtains or blackout blinds help to keep out light, both natural and artificial. Or wear a sleeping mask…and earplugs if your other half snores! Try our ClevaPure Salt Lamp to keep the air clean and purified. Choose a good pillow to get comfy and splash out on some new bedding. Above all, make sure your bed is cosy and welcoming at the end of the day.

Relax in the bath

A nice long soak in a warm bath can help to relieve the stress of the day and relax you in preparation for sleep. Add some scented bath oils to help you drift off easily afterwards. You can even go for the full-on spa experience with candles and soft music. Go on, you deserve it!

Get comfy!

As pregnancy progresses, it can be hard to get comfortable with your growing bump. It usually works best to lie on your side, especially in the third trimester. Use a maternity pillow for support, such as the Clevamama Therapeutic Body & Bump Pillow, a full body pillow that offers support to multiple parts of the body.

You’re likely to have more than a few sleepless nights once your little one arrives so enjoy all the z’s you can right now. Sleep well and sweet dreams!

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