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5 Ways To Self-Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy may feel long when you’re going through it. But in a lifetime, it’s a very brief period. As a Mum-To-Be, you deserve lots of TLC so here are some five ways to self-care during pregnancy.

Make the most of that glow

Once the second trimester kicks in, many pregnant women take on that fabled pregnancy ‘glow’. Hair becomes thicker and shinier, skin becomes clearer, and you start to rock that burgeoning baby bump. Treat yourself to a regular manicure, pedicure or facial treatment to maximise that ‘blooming’ look. Add a trip to the hairdressers to make the most of those luscious locks too!

Eat well

Nutrition is key when it comes to growing a tiny human so whatever food you are choosing, choose well. ‘Eating for two’ is a cliché, but it does serve to remind you that your food choices at this time are important. Go for quality instead of quantity with fresh fruit and veg, and healthy choices where you can. That doesn’t say you can’t give in to those pregnancy cravings! Another bowl of cornflakes, anyone?

Have a bump photoshoot

If Beyoncé can do it, you can too! Go the whole hog with a professional photographer, background and make-up artist. Or keep it simple and get your partner or friend to take some photos of you and your beautiful bump. Celebrate your pregnancy and make some beautiful memories to treasure.

Keep A Pregnancy Journal

For those who love to write and record their thoughts, a pregnancy journal can make a lasting memory. Don’t just record the physical aspects of this time. Write down your thoughts and experiences, your hopes and dreams for your little one, or whatever you want to remember. In years to come, it will make for fascinating reading.


Once you get into the third trimester and your bump really starts to swell, swimming can be a wonderful activity to engage in. The feeling of weightlessness as you float in the water is a delight and a welcome respite from the heaviness of late-stage pregnancy.

These are just a few suggestions on self-care during pregnancy. If these aren’t for you, then just do what feels good. Sleep, drink water, spend time with family and friends. Above all, be good to yourself!

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