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5 ways to prepare for becoming a new Dad

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If you’re about to become a new Dad, you’re probably experiencing a rollercoaster of emotion right now. Euphoria and excitement combined with worry and anxiety. But don’t panic, you’ve got this! With Father’s Day on the horizon, we’ve looked at 5 ways to help you cope with this amazing (and sometimes scary) life change. Read on for our ‘Dadvice’!

Get involved

It may seem to be all about ‘Mum’ during pregnancy but this is your baby too. Get to know your little one by talking and singing to your partner’s baby bump so they will know your voice. If you can, make sure to be there for the scans so you can ‘meet’ your baby before they are born. It’s a truly magical moment.

Get some ‘Dadvice’

Nobody gives a new dad an instruction manual for fatherhood, (and we know most of you don’t read these anyway). However, there are plenty of books on the market written by Dads which will tell you what to expect and help you cope with the early weeks of fatherhood. Here are a couple we like:

Don’t Panic! (All The Stuff The Expectant Dad Needs To Know) by George Lewis

The Irish Dads Survival Guide To Pregnancy (& Beyond) by David Caren

Talk to other Dads

It helps to talk to other men who are already Dads and can share their experiences and advice so seek out those friends and family members who have kids and have a chat. You could also follow some Dads on social media. Here’s a few to get you started:

@tweetymonkey – For the fashionista dad @notsofunnydad – For the creative dad

@onadventurewithdad – For the prankster dad @triplet_dad_of_4 – For the real life dad

@thedadlab – For the scientist dad @bashmawy – For the funny dad

Look after yourself

Self-care is as important for new Dads during pregnancy as it is for Mums, so take care of yourself by adopting healthier eating habits, exercising regularly and looking after your general wellbeing. Take whatever paternity leave you can when the baby arrives. You will need it! All this will contribute to your well-being both physically and mentally. Should you find yourself struggling, don’t keep it in. Organisations such as Aware and Nurture can be of great help to talk to so reach out if you need to.

Prepare for change

One of the biggest challenges can be coping with the life changes that come with being a new Dad. Your social life will change, not to mention your sleep pattern. Your sex life will be on hold for a while, and your relationship with your partner may be tested during this time too. However, nothing can prepare you for how completely you will fall in love with your child. There are wonderful experiences to look forward to that will make it all worth it:  Seeing your baby’s first smile, those quiet moments holding your little one, and of course their first word, which is nearly always “Dada”. Your heart will melt!

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