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5 Reasons Why An Air Humidifier Is A Nursery Must-Have

There’s nothing worse than listening to your little one coughing and sniffling, is there? When baby can’t sleep, you can’t sleep, which doesn’t benefit either of you. Here’s 5 ways using an air humidifier can make a difference.

Eases congestion

Because your baby has such a tiny little nose, it’s very easy for their sinuses to become dried out, causing stuffiness and congestion, which prevents sleep. Use an air humidifier like the ClevaPure Salt Lamp to keep the air moist and help baby to breathe comfortably.

Soothes sore throats and coughs

Increasing the humidity in your child’s room is a great way to soothe sore throats and reduce coughing. It also means less reliance on the medicine bottle.

Relieves skin irritation

Many babies are prone to dry, sensitive skin, with eczema being a common problem. Warm dry air can irritate the skin and cause itchiness and wakefulness. Regular use of a humidifier cools and moistens the air, and reduces the possibility of irritation.

Aids restful sleep

We all sleep better when we can breathe comfortably. The same applies to your little one, and when they sleep, so can you. The ClevaPure Salt Lamp & Humidifier, with a few added drops of relaxing essential oil, will help your baby drift off for a deeper, more restful sleep. And when this happens, everyone wins!

Improves air quality

In cool climates, people tend to rely on central heating and double-glazed windows to keep cosy and warm. However, this means less circulation of air and more proliferation of germs and irritants. While humidifiers don’t actively kill bacteria or germs, they significantly reduce the number of irritants in the air by adding moisture to it. Great if your little one has asthma or other allergies.

The ClevaPure Salt Lamp is a humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser and night light all in one. The lamp emits a warm amber glow due to the Himalayan Salt Crystals, which are known for aiding sleep. It can also act as a ‘bedtime cue’ so when it’s turned on, your little one knows its time for sleep. Whisper quiet, it has adjustable settings for light and mist and auto-shut off when the water runs out, helping you and your little one sleep well.

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